WifiFoward Welcomes PEN America and Private Internet Access

WifiFoward welcomes two new members to its growing list of companies, organizations and public sector institutions concerned about the future of Wi-Fi. PEN America, a membership association of prominent literary writers and editors working to defend free expression, and Private Internet Access (PIA), a VPN service provider specializing in secure, encrypted Internet connections, have joined the coalition to help advocate the need for more spectrum access to protect Wi-Fi against future bandwidth congestion.

PEN’s members are novelists, journalists, editors, poets, essayists, playwrights, publishers, translators, agents and other professionals who work to carry out PEN’s mission of eliminating barriers to free expression. Many PEN members rely on Wi-Fi in their homes, coffee shops, airports and elsewhere to carry out their important work. Without reliable, high-speed access to Wi-Fi networks, the already difficult work of PEN members would be much harder.

PIA provides users with enhanced online privacy and security. VPNs secure Internet connection by encrypting data as it travels over public networks, such as the Wi-Fi in a restaurant or hotel. This technology is growing in popularity as more users become aware of the risks posed by hackers, phishing scammers and other malicious actors seeking to access their private information while browsing the Internet. VPN providers, such as PIA, depend on strong, fast Wi-Fi networks when adding an additional layer of security for its users so that there is no lapse in the quality of speed and service.