Crops & Connectivity: How IoT is Transforming Modern-Day Farming


Over the years, our ability to stay wirelessly connected has revolutionized operations in industries across the country. Whether you’re a stockbroker checking stock values on an app during your lunch break, or a teacher emailing today’s lesson plan to your students via your tablet on the way to school, chances are connectivity makes it easier for you to do your job.
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Which Major U.S. Cities Use Wi-Fi the Most?


Is your hometown wild for Wi-Fi?
OpenSignal just released a new report in which their analysts ranked 35 of the largest U.S. cities from most to least amount of time spent on Wi-Fi, during a select test period of July through September. Not surprisingly, some cities were found to spend more time connected to Wi-Fi than others, but why?
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Report: Wi-Fi a Top Priority for Mobile Professionals

Last week, iPass Inc., a leading provider of global mobile connectivity, released a new report, which analyzes the connectivity habits and preferences of more than 1,700 mobile professionals surveyed worldwide. The report’s findings highlighted the degree to which today’s mobile professionals are overwhelmingly dependent on Wi-Fi, as well as the importance of Wi-Fi to overall mobile workforce productivity.

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WifiForward Statement on the AIRWAVES Act

Washington, D.C. – Today, WifiForward released the following statement regarding the introduction of the AIRWAVES Act.

“We applaud Senators Gardner and Hassan for their efforts to free up additional spectrum for unlicensed use. The introduction of the AIRWAVES Act is a great start and we look forward to working with the Committee to better meet the growing demand for wireless broadband, thus fostering innovation and giving American businesses and entrepreneurs the tools they need to continue to succeed in the internet economy.”