WifiForward Statement on the AIRWAVES Act

Washington, D.C. – Today, WifiForward released the following statement regarding the introduction of the AIRWAVES Act.

“We applaud Senators Gardner and Hassan for their efforts to free up additional spectrum for unlicensed use. The introduction of the AIRWAVES Act is a great start and we look forward to working with the Committee to better meet the growing demand for wireless broadband, thus fostering innovation and giving American businesses and entrepreneurs the tools they need to continue to succeed in the internet economy.”

WifiForward Applauds Nomination of David Redl as NTIA Chief

On the Hill, at the FCC or in the private sector, it’s always been about spectrum for David Redl, and WifiForward congratulates him on his nomination to NTIA Administrator. With more than eight billion Wi-Fi devices in use around the globe, Americans need balanced telecommunications policies that will make more spectrum available to support emerging technologies and spur economic growth. We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with Mr. Redl on freeing up more spectrum for both licensed and unlicensed technologies.

WifiForward Statement on FCC Approval of LTE-U Devices

Today’s approval of two LTE-U devices is an important milestone in unlicensed spectrum policy and consumer protection. Two years ago, equipment manufacturers submitted LTE-U devices for approval to the FCC which could have impaired the millions of consumers who rely on Wi-Fi. Instead of regulating, the FCC encouraged industry to work together to develop a plan to mitigate that harm. The result is the Wi-Fi Alliance test plan. WifiForward is pleased that Ericsson and Nokia have certified that they have passed the complete industry-developed coexistence plan. As unlicensed technologies continue to meet our growing demand for broadband, we hope today’s announcement demonstrates how the Wi-Fi community will work hard and successfully to develop sharing mechanisms to connect more people.