Crops & Connectivity: How IoT is Transforming Modern-Day Farming


Over the years, our ability to stay wirelessly connected has revolutionized operations in industries across the country. Whether you’re a stockbroker checking stock values on an app during your lunch break, or a teacher emailing today’s lesson plan to your students via your tablet on the way to school, chances are connectivity makes it easier for you to do your job.

Bankers, teachers, lawyers, doctors – nearly every occupational group you can think of, benefits greatly from being able to stay connected in some form or another.

But what about farmers? Could connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) help change the way farmers are able to do their jobs too? A recently developed farm-management system known as “One Farm” is proving that it can.

The new “One Farm” system actually connects a smartphone app to existing farm equipment using IoT devices.

The system’s creators, a team of Australian homeschooled children and their parents, say that “One Farm” is all about giving farmers a quicker and more effective way to control/monitor their equipment and stock. As a result, farmers end up saving on time, effort, and money.

Given how connected devices have benefited professionals in other fields over the last several years, concepts like “One Farm” are likely to be big hits for farmers right here at home.
While “One Farm” itself still remains in the prototype stage, as we move further along down the road into 2018, expect to see more innovators around the world coming up with new and exciting ways to use wireless connectivity to improve overall workforce productivity.

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